One. Two.
Um .... is it Three?
Numbers often puzzle me!

Help your little one become a counting whizz with
a personalized numbers book, One Toy Two.
Expertly crafted. Crammed with toys.
The perfect way to teach toddlers to count!

Red. Yellow.
... Or is it Blue?
Sometimes I don't
have a clue!

Get your toddler confident with a
personalized learning book, A Color A Day!
With fun rhymes and proven teaching methods,
learning colors has never been easier!

Colors. ABC.
Bundle up all for me!

Boost your toddler's development
with a brainiac bundle of preschool
learning books
Written by experts. Loved by kids.

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Real Reviews

My daughter LOVES her Snow White book! She's into everything 'princess' and can't put the book down!"
Cathy G.

Personalized Fairy Tale Classics

Fairy tales never fail to thrill. Especially when they star your child.
Starting at $4.99. All fairy tale books

Cover for The Glass Slipper The Glass Slipper From $4.99
Cover for Rapunzel Rapunzel From $4.99
Cover for Robin Hood Robin Hood From $4.99

Inspiring Sport Stories

Game winning homeruns. Match-clinching goals. From $4.99.
All sports books

Cover for The Homerun Cookie The Homerun Cookie From $4.99

Nail-Biting Adventures

Distant planets. Fearsome monsters. From $4.99.
All adventure books

Cover for The Obnoxious Dragon The Obnoxious Dragon From $4.99

Creating Little Heroes.

One Personalized Kids Book At a Time.

Hear your name in the stories. See yourself in the illustrations.
Personalized children's books they'll want to keep forever.
Transform reading from a 'have to' to a 'want to' experience.
The building blocks for a child's strong reading habits.
All personalized kids books

High quality print.
Premium paper.
Personalized kids books that last.

Forest friendly paper. Personalized kids books with the FSC stamp of approval.

Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah. Little ways to make them smile.

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