About Little Heroes Personalized Children's Books

All about Little Heroes - what we do, what we want to achieve and how our personalized kids books can help get your kids reading.

Little Heroes. Taking personalized kids' books one step further

Getting your child to start and stay reading can be a tough task. But it's one made easier with Little Heroes! 
At Little Heroes, you can create a kids book where the story features family, friends and your child as the Little Hero. By selecting hair, eyes, skin tone, clothes, even glasses, you also create personalized illustrations that look just like your child.
Kids get so excited when they see themselves as the star in their own book. They want to read it again, and again, and again!

Helping kids read

Little Heroes personalized children's books grabs kids attention, which goes a long way in establishing a strong reading habit. Children love to hear, see and read about themselves. Research has shown that the more a child reads, or is read to, the better their literacy, and surprisingly, later ability to do math. And the earlier this starts, the greater the advantage the child enjoys.
It's never too early to start reading to your child as hearing spoken words assists kids in their language development. Likewise, it's never too late to start reading to or with your child, as reading together helps develops their confidence and blossoming reading skills.

Personalized children's books also help build children’s self-esteem and social skills as they identify more readily with the main character and lessons learnt. Each Little Heroes' story book contains themes such as personal courage or self-belief, which will help your child as he ventures out into the world. Since Little Heroes children's books also caters to all nationalities without bias, all parents are able to buy their children books personalized to reflect their culture and the society they live in.

Mission: Make Little Heroes one personalized book at a time

We are dedicated to making reading a 'want to', not 'have to' experience, providing kids and parents with the building blocks for strong literacy. With an ever growing range of children's story books, including classic fairytales, we hope to provide that story that appeals to your child.  And by personalizing the story and illustrations to your Little Hero, we help to make reading much more fun!

So transport your child into the world of their adventures, featuring friends, family and most importantly, their self as the Hero. Watch them grow as they delightedly read through their custom adventures. Created by you and Little Heroes.

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