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The Origins of Christmas

Nov 26, 2010 | By Gillian FitzGerald
Christmas, the birthday of Christ, is a holiday filled with gift giving, festive lights, trees and song. But where do all these traditions come from? And was it even when Jesus was born? December 25, Christmas Day, has long been held as the day that Christ was born, but the ...
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Parents who Look for Bad Behavior Find It

Nov 12, 2010 | By Harvey Craft
Mistakes are part of learning and growing. Everyone makes mistakes and kids need parents who understand that the path to maturity isn't always a smooth one. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote some good advice for parents when he penned the words, "Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful." People ...
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Controlling a Child's Public Behavior

Nov 02, 2010 | By Harvey Craft
Few things are more frustrating to a parent than having a preschool child misbehaving in public. Here's a discipline plan to manage children's behavior on shopping trips. Everyone has either seen or been parents of a "wild child" crying, running, begging for this or that toy, or being rude to ...