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Parents Can Help Children Improve Tests Scores

Aug 21, 2010 | By Harvey Craft
Tests scores generally are the most important part or a student's score. Parents can make the difference between passing and failing by following a few easy tips. School can be confusing at any age, but getting off to a good beginning is indispensable. If students get off to a good ...
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Better Learning Through Listening Skills

Aug 14, 2010 | By Harvey Craft
Listening in class is essential to learning. Some children can seem to pay attention and be far away. Try some tips to ensure that a child is listening and processing. Parents offer a child's first lessons in listening skills by demonstrating some basic rules. Parents should demonstrate respect for what ...
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Collecting Can Motivate Children To Learn

Aug 08, 2010 | By Harvey Craft
Children are curious about a lot of things as the world expands for them. They bring home things and are full of questions. Don't discourage it! Collections teach! Children get great pleasure from bringing newly discovered things home. Their rooms sometimes accumulate a diversity of natural wonders – rocks, acorns, ...
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Help At Home - When You Least Expect It

Aug 04, 2010 | By Gillian FitzGerald
Pets can be an unexpected source of help - from helping to reading to saving lives. An educating revelation about our furry friends. A while back, we had an article on how dogs help kids learn to read. It's fast-growing trend, with many 'reading-to-dogs' programs popping up at libraries throughout North America. ...