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How Alphabet Zoo Can Teach Your Toddler The Alphabet

Nov 20, 2012 | By Sharon DeWitt

Alphabet Zoo, a new educational book for toddler boys and girlsLittle Heroes is proud to present Alphabet Zoo, the first book in a new series dedicated to early childhood development.

At Little Heroes we take the importance of literacy very seriously and recently we've put the focus on books for the youngest generation of Little Heroes out there.

So why is reading to infants and toddlers important? According to Judith Hudson, a developmental psychologist and fellow blogger over at

"Most children begin recognizing some letters between the ages of 2 and 3.  This means that you can start teaching your child the alphabet when he's around 2...What's more, toddlers learn differently from older children, so don't pull out the flashcards and audiotapes just yet.
Instead, rely on visual aids such as colorful alphabet picture books — your child will have a great time pointing out the letters he knows, as well as colors, shapes, animals, and other objects in the book."

What is Alphabet Zoo all about?

Different girl and boy characters from toddler book, Alphabet ZooAlphabet Zoo is about a Little Hero who heads off to the zoo on an ABC hunt, learning about animals and letters along the way.

Filled with rhymes and comical characters, it make learning the alphabet a fun adventure for little kids.

Their enjoyment will double when they are joined by fellow alphabet hunters who have the same names as friends and relatives in your special child's life! 

As with all Little Heroes personalized kid’s books you'll be able to choose the name, gender, eye shape and color, hair color and style, skin tone and glasses. There are even several clothing options for your Little Hero to wear! 

Alphabet Zoo is suitable for all children - girls and boys - age 1 to 4 years. 

Tips to getting young children to listen while you read to them.

  • Read to them at bedtime, as a treat for going to bed.
  • Give them a warm glass of milk to drink, while you read. Or, if they are still bottle or breast feeding, read to them while they feed.
  • Set it up as a part of your evening routine. Bath, then tuck them into bed and finally a nice story.
  • Allow them to point and ask questions. Encourage and reward them when they try to sound out words or recognize letters.
  • Always treat reading as a reward. If your child is especially good one day, let them pick out a book to read, or read them two stories!

We will soon be publishing more books for early childhood reading and development.
So stay tuned for future articles on the upcoming book on numbers, colors and general skill building.

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