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How To Make Personalized Gifts For The Holidays II

Dec 17, 2012 | By Sharon DeWitt

Part II of great cheap and thoughtful personalized gifts that will delight the entire family!

In our last post, we learnt how to make handmade personalized photo frames and a biscotti treat for party hosts and friends. This week, it's custom gifts for the ladies and gentlemen of the house - handsome male sewing kits and unique jewellery organizers for women. We also have some great suggestions for the children too!

Personalized Gift For Guys: The Manly Sewing Kit!

Handmade personalized gifts: Manly sewing kitsGifts can be a real challenge when it comes to guys. For the man who has everything, chances are he still doesn't have a way to sew that button back onto his collar. Enter the manly sewing kit - a handsome handmade gift for men!

What you need:

  • Glue gun
  • Wool sock or other "manly" fabric
  • Short mason jar
  • Twine
  • Four spools of common coloured thread
  • Very small scissors
  • 3 sewing needles
  • Cotton stuffing
  • An old fashioned pencil eraser 
  • A handful of safety pins and simple sewing pins

What to do:

  1. Take the wool sock or fabric and place a handful of stuffing in the centre.
  2. Remove the flat metal disc from the mason jar lid and place the stuffed fabric into the hole (open side facing in).
  3. Place the metal disc back into the lid, creating a puffy lid
  4. Using the mason jar lid as a guide, cut away the excess material. Glue the material in place. 
    Tip: To create a neat finish, cut a circle of the same fabric and glue on top to hide the cut edges.
  5. Thread the different spools of thread, small scossors and safety pins onto the twine. Tie the twine in a knot so that all the supplies are on a loop. Place inside of the jar. This keeps all of the sewing supplies organized.
  6. Stab the sewing needles into the pencil eraser, place inside the jar and in the middle of the loop of twine. 
  7. Put the lid on the jar and stab the simple sewing pins into the puffy lid. And behold! A manly looking sewing kit!

Beautiful Custom Gift Idea For Women: Handmade Jewelry Organizers

Most women own at least a few pieces of jewelry, but many have no proper way of keeping things organized. That's where a hip cheese grater jewelry holder comes in handy. It separates, organizes and is SUPER easy to make. 

Homemade personalized gifts: Cheese grater jewelry organizer

What you need:

  • Cheese Grater
  • Non-toxic spray paint in a fun color
  • Newspaper
  • Ribbon
  • Cheap pair of hanging earrings

What to do:

  1. Go outside or find a well ventilated area.
  2. Place the newspaper on the ground with the grater on top of the newspaper.
    Tip: Spread the newspaper in a wide square around the grater as the paint sprays quite far.
  3. Spray the cheese grater with the paint spray. You will probably need a few coats, allowing coats to dry in between.
    Tip: Do light spray per coat to ensure that paint doesn't run and create an uneven finish.
  4. Once the paint has fully dried, place the hanging earrings into two of the grates.
  5. Wrap the handle of the grater in ribbon, creating a bow on top. 
  6. Give the gift to a female friend!

Great Gifts For Children: Little Heroes Personalized Kids Books!

Great personalized gifts for kids: A custom story bookThe best gift you can give any child is a great book. So make a book for your child with a little help from us! At Little Heroes, we have lots of kids' books to choose from. All our books are fully customizable and include your child's name, what they look like, plus a special message from you to your child, right in the book!

What are the options?

  • Hardcover 
  • Paperback book 
  • Digital book (ebook)

What to do:

  1. Choose the book. We have books with space ships, time travel, princes and princesses, animals and sports. We even have an obnoxious dragon and pesky pirates!
    Is your child into sports? A great book for a boy or a girl t-ball players is 'The Homerun Cookie'. Budding soccer stars will love 'The Golden Goal'. 
  2. Personalize your kid's book. Enter in their name, eye, skin and hair color, as well as hair cut, eye shape and age. Write them a special message and upload a photo for them too!
  3. Place your order. Fill out the payment details and delivery options. 
  4. Read, read and read some more! Once the book is delivered, read it to your child as often as you can. Because budding bookworms start with a book on your lap. 
Happy holidays from all of us at Little Heroes!

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