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Tips for Traveling With Your Kids During the Holidays

Dec 22, 2012 | By Karen Youso

Long hours of traveling can be tough for kids and adults alike. Some tips and tricks to make the hours for kids fly easily by.

For kids, traveling can often mean mixed up sleeping schedules, long car rides and too little or too much stimulation to handle. As adults, we often expect children to act like us in cars or planes – well-behaved, quiet and still for hours on end. But for a child, this can be torture! Here are a few ways to stay organized, entertained, well-fed and sane during holiday travel with kids.

Homemade car pulley system

Stay Organized

1. Car Pulley System

When Rachel from was eight months pregnant, her husband thought of a great way for her to exchange items with kids in the backseat without having to constantly turn around: the car pulley system. Tying a rope between the handles on the ceiling of your car, string a bucket that can pass toys, snacks and books between front seat and back seat passengers. You'll be able to keep all the treats organized in the front seat with you and kids will enjoy the process of trading items back and forth.

2. The Reminder Binder

When traveling this holiday, don't expect your brain to remember everything you need to keep track of. Use a reminder binder to carry all important documents, including identification cards, TravelGuard insurance information, accommodation reservations and driving directions. If you face travel delays, lose your luggage or have an unexpected cancelation, you won't want to be stranded without it. Plus, having everything in one place makes it easier to focus on other things, like keeping your kids happy during a six hour flight.

Personalized DVD travel coloring case for kids

Some Fun-tivities

1. DVD Coloring Case

Recycling an old DVD case, make a personalized coloring case for each child. Cut paper to fit into one side of the case and put colored pencils in the other. Recover the outside of the box with patterned paper and stickers. Small, light and easy to carry, kids can open up their case and draw, journal about their thoughts or play games such as Hangman.

2. Homemade "I Spy" Bottle

Homemade "I Spy" travel bottle for children

Easily make an "I Spy" bottle that will keep kids interested for hours. All you need is an empty water bottle and several small household items. Fill the bottle with rice or beans as the main filler, then include a brightly colored thumb tack and paper clip, a rubber band, penny and any other small items that will fit. Tape a list of what they are supposed to look for on the bottle and as they twist, turn and rotate the bottle from side to side kids will get excited every time they spy an item!

Yummy Snacks

1. Celery in Peanut Butter Jar

Put celery sticks in a half-eaten jar of peanut butter for an easy travel snack. Kids can dip the veggies into peanut butter and close the lid when they're done, which can eliminate messes. Small boxes or baggies of raisins can complete the treat.

Homemade travel snack packs for kids2. Snack Pack

Package several individual snacks into plastic bags to hand back to the kids periodically throughout the trip. Include a small toy or activity and have them use the plastic bag for their trash. Or, use a plastic container with dividers (such as an used tackle box) so you can include tiny treats like chocolate chips, raisins, cereal, marshmallows, nuts and pretzels. The variety, packaging and size will keep your kids busy and their tummies happy.

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