The Glass Slipper: A Personalized Cinderella Story Book for Girls!

A personalized adaptation of the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale, Cinderella. Kept as a servant for her stepmother and sisters, your little Cinderella gets her wish to attend the royal ball. With a wave of her fairy godmother's wand, a pumpkin and some white mice, she is magically transformed into belle of the ball. But when the clock strikes twelve ...
  • Name of your little princess
  • Custom illustrations of your Cinderella
  • Personalized photo and book dedication
  • A fairy tale story of a prince finding his princess with a little help of magic!
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Personalized Cinderella princess books for girls: The Glass Slipper look inside The Glass Slipper
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book specs

  • 3 - 8
  • 35
  • 8.5" x 9.5"

language options

  • English

reading formats

  • $0.99

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RalphFug | Sri Lanka | Jul 28, 2021
Perfect for Daddy's little Cinderella!
Mia Rose | - | Nov 08, 2011
My daughter couldn't put the book down. She loved the dresses and how her hair looked in the book! I've told all my friends with little girls that they have to get this book. Thank you so much!
Tarra | New York | Jun 06, 2011
I bought the Glass Slipper for my neice Alyssa. She's into all that princess stuff and I've never seen her so happy before. It was her dream to be a princess and now she is one in the story. Thanks!
Tony | - | Mar 17, 2011
I used my Groupons to buy the Glass Slipper and Snow White for my two daughters and they love their books. It's a good thing I got them one each otherwise there would have been trouble!
Sal C | Hartford | Feb 15, 2011

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