Attack of the Grease Monster: A Personalized Monster Story Book for Kids!

In avoiding the dull chore of doing dishes in favor of more exciting adventures, your child horrifyingly discovers a greasy monster comes to life! Terror and mayhem reign in the house, but the neighborhood is not safe either ...
  • Name of your monster fighting child
  • Names of family and friends
  • Custom illustrations of your girl or boy
  • Personalized photo and book dedication
  • The heart-stopping story of a ginormous greasy monster come to life!
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Attack of the Grease Monster: A thrilling personalized monster book for children look inside Attack of the Grease Monster
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book specs

  • 3 - 8
  • 31
  • 8.5" x 9.5"

language options

  • English

reading formats

  • $0.99

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RobertKef | Uganda | Oct 17, 2021
When do you guys have an iPad or iPhone app coming out? My kid want to bring his book everywhere we go.
Wayne Ray | Calgary | Jul 12, 2011
Maybe now my kids will help with the dishes? Wishful thinking I know, but thanks for the great book. Wish I had a personalized book for myself growing up!
Mary | Maryland | Feb 15, 2011
The best customer service I've ever had. I'm usually reluctant to buy things online, but you guys made things so easy.
Sally | - | Feb 15, 2011
My son can't get enough of this book. He laughs every time he sees himself holding the gun full of dish soap. Just glad he's not tall enough to grab the dish soap bottle, else we'd haev a mess on our hands!
Tom | - | Nov 22, 2010

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