Robin Hood: A Personalized Classic Story Book for Kids!

A personalized adaptation of the original children's story, Robin Hood. When mean Prince John and the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham raise taxes on the villages, it's up to the Little Hero and the band of Merry Men to see justice served!
  • Name of your little outlaw (child)
  • Names of family and friends
  • Custom illustrations of your child
  • Personalized photo and book dedication
  • The exciting adventures of your Robin Hood!
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Robin Hood: Personalized picture book adaptation of the classic story for kids look inside Robin Hood
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book specs

  • 4 - 8
  • 33
  • 8.5" x 9.5"

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  • $0.99

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Just wanted to say that my son (just turned 3) loves this book. DH reads it most nights and DS 'reads' it to himself most mornings when he wakes up early. Best of all, it has his little sister in it! Too cute!
CatTails | Bristol | Feb 15, 2012
My grandson now runs around my house pretending to be Robin Hood. I don't know if I should thank you or blame you! Just kidding. We love the book.
Joan Banstead | - | Jun 03, 2011
I've been searching o Google all morning for something like this and most of the books I found looked cheap. Yours were the only ones that looked decent. Only wish you had books for twins. :(
Melissa | USA | Feb 15, 2011

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